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Hari Stones offers all the best stone products at the best prices! Check out our Burnaby store regularly for great deals on slabs for granite countertops and other products.

Our store designs and showrooms will give you plenty of ideas for that next bathroom or kitchen remodel. On our prices on different stone products, your next project will be coming sooner and more affordably than you ever thought possible. Let our store in-designers help you get a jump start on your remodeling plans today!

Kelowna Location

The area of Kelowna is serviced by dedicated sales rep Andy Kansal at 778 998 4276. For viewing slabs first hand, the inhouse sales staff of Hari Stones Ltd. at location 7950 Venture St. Burnaby, BC would be most delighted to personally show slabs and stone material to all visiting Kelowna and area customers. Please contact your local rep to arrange approximate viewing times to ensure that you can be promptly serviced.

Hari Stones Ltd. thanks its patrons and valued customers.

Kelowna, BC

Phone: 778 998 4276
Fax: 604 422 8478

Showroom Hours
Kelowna customers are requested to contact local rep and are encouraged to visit Vancouver Location to view slabs at 7950 Venture St, Burnaby, BC.
Hari Stones Ltd. staff will be pleased to provide personalized service for all slab selections.

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