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Can I Come See the Stones in Person?

Yes. For your convenience, Hari Stones caries over 600 different stone slabs. Within stone types, each piece differs from the next so we encourage you to come and have a look for yourself. When it comes to making your final selections, you can choose each specific piece for your project to achieve your desired look. No appointment is required, simply come by one of our locations during office hours and one of our experienced sales staff members will be ready to assist you.

As a Homeowner, can I purchase slabs directly from Hari Stones?

When it comes to stone slabs, we only sell to Fabricators and Installers in the natural stone industry. The Fabricator would then charge you for the stone and the cost of labor and installation. You can come to our slab showroom and pick out the slabs you want and we will make contact with your Fabricator to sell the stone and arrange for pickup or delivery to their facility.

Does Natural Stone Scratch?

It is advertised that all manmade quartz is scratch resistant where most real granites are scratch proof under regular use. Natural stone is more durable than any other product. Marble is the softer of the natural stones, and may scratch, but it can be republished.

Does Hari Stones Offer Installation?

We work with the fabricators, tile installers and masons in your local area. Hari Stones themselves do not do any cutting or installation. If you already have an installer, we will work with them. If you do not, we can recommend you one in your area.

How Often Should I Apply Sealant to Natural Stone?

Most natural stones are porous by nature both on the surface, through the body and into the bottom of the surface. If anything goes in, it will eventually be released so be satisfied that any substance that enters the stone will eventually get out. However, to maintain maximum value and not see any marks, apply a reputable sealant and let it set overnight. The next day, sprinkle water on the surface by hand. If the water is absorbed, apply the sealer again. If the water bubbles on the surface, the sealant is working. As different stones have different absorption rates, check this process on a yearly basis and apply sealer accordingly. Alternately, you may call a service contractor to assist you.

What is the Difference Between 2cm and 3cm Thickness?

The choice between using 2cm and 3cm thickness of stones is completely up to you. On countertops, the norm these days is to use 3cm for a solid thick edge profile. In more modern applications, you may choose to have a thinner edge profile.  For interior walls, cladding, flooring, fireplace, and most other applications, thinner products are easier for installation and reduce overall costs, but it is 100% up to you, your designer or fabricator to determine which product is best for your project.

Certain products are only available in certain thicknesses (for example, you might like a stone for a wall application that’s only available in 3cm), so be sure to consult with one of our representatives for the best solution.

Where do Your Stones Come From?

We import from countries all over the world including but not limited to Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, China, and many more. Our highly experienced purchasing team travels around the globe for you to source stones so that you can easily experience them yourself at your local Hari Stones showroom. We carry over 600 varieties in stock, bringing the whole world of stones to you.


Hari Stones Ltd. imports and distributes all its products. All our products are warrantied prior to being cut and or installed.

IRAH Warranties

Porcelain Slab Disclosure

Important Note:

Under factory warranty, porcelain slab in polished finish is only scratch resistant and not scratch proof, and is recommended for application on walls, flooring, cladding or any decorative area. As far as countertops are concerned, factory recommends that honed or matt finishes be used.

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