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Can I purchase slabs directly from Hari Stones?

As a house own, builder, or developer, you need product supplied and installed. It is in your best interest that your fabricator buys stone and does installation to save cost and get the final best result and not worry about left over material. All fabricators have the Hari Stones pricelist and they buy stone on the best price.

Define Your Style with Nature …

Stone is a product of nature and carries natural variation. Because of its distinct natural variation, stone is very appealing to the sight. For your convenience, Hari Stones caries over 600 different stones. Within stone types, each piece differs from the next, so we encourage the client, home owners, designers, architects to come select each specific piece for their home or project to achieve the look they want. This experience may not be available with other companies.

Does Granite Scratch?

It is advertised that all manmade quartz is scratch resistant where most real granites are scratch proof. Natural stone is more durable than any other product. Marble is the softer of the natural stones, and may scratch, but it can be republished.

Does Hari Stones offer installation?

We work with all the fabricators, tile installers and masons in your local area. Hari Stones themselves do not do any cutting or installation. If you have your installer, we will work with them. If you do not, we will recommend you one in your area.

How often do I have to seal the Natural Stone over a Man-Made Quartz/Porcelain – Maintenance Part?

Most natural stone are porous by nature both on the surface, through body into the bottom of the surface. So, if one day if any thing goes in, it eventually also gets out. Be satisfied that any substance that enters the stone, will eventually get out. However, so as to not see any marks, apply the nice reputable sealers and leave overnight and next day sprinkle water by hand. If the water is absorbed, apply sealer again. If the water remains as bubbles, that means sealer is working. As different stones have different absorption, check using this process on a yearly basis and apply sealer accordingly, or you can call a service contractor should you decide.

What is the difference in using 2 cm or 3 cm thick material?

It is absolutely the customer’s choice to select 2 cm or 3 cm material. On countertops, clients usually prefer 3 cm as you avoid seamline in edge profile with a 3 cm thickness. For interior walls, cladding, flooring, fireplace, and most other applications, 2 cm is preferred as to reduce weight and cost. It is 100% up to the client, designer, or architect to decide.

Where do your stones come from?

Hari Stones Ltd is your World’s Stone Local Source. Our highly experienced purchasing team goes all around the world to procure and we carry over 600 variety of stone in stock and anywhere we find good, attractive and marketable colors, we go there and bring new materials into our inventories. The countries we bring material from can change but slab, tiles and cladding products come for now from all over the world including countries like Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, China, and many more. 

IRAH Warranties

Porcelain Slab Disclosure

Important Note:

Under factory warranty, porcelain slab in polished finish is only scratch resistant and not scratch proof, and is recommended for application on walls, flooring, cladding or any decorative area. As far as countertops are concerned, factory recommends that honed or matt finishes be used.

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