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Marble has long been valued for its beauty and strength; it was and still is widely used in buildings, monuments and sculptures. Even the ancient Greeks used marble for just this purpose; and who has not heard of Michelangelo, the undisputed master from Carrara who used marble for his statues? Seems only natural that a marble countertop would be the next logical evolution in its applicable uses.

Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed when limestone is subjected to enormous forces inside the earth’s crust. This process, called re-crystalization, causes changes in texture and composition. Fossilized materials, along with carbonates, form large, coarse grains of calcite. Any impurities present affect the mineral composition and the color of the marble that forms. Known for its beauty and elegance, marble is a timeless classic. Throughout the centuries, it was the material of choice for artists and architects to create magnificent sculptures, monuments, and buildings such as the Taj Mahal in India and the Greek Parthenon. Inspired by such masterpieces of antiquity, architects and designers of today use marble to add an aura of sophistication and splendor to any space. Like fingerprints, no two pieces of marble are exactly alike. Marble varies in color and veining from stone to stone as a result of fissures filled with minerals that are present during the stone’s formation. The naturally occurring variations in marble contribute to its distinctive appeal. Polishing achieves a patina that further enhances the colors of all the trace elements.

Uses for Marble

Types of Marble

Sizes of Marble

Special Considerations

Consider the function of the area involved prior to selection. Marbles range from 5-7.5 on the MOHS hardness scale. Green and black colored marbles require a 100% solid epoxy adhesive as they have a tendency to warp from water-based adhesives.+Color variations are common and enhance the natural beauty of marble. Be sure to inspect multiple samples of the stone before selection to ensure satisfaction with colors and patterns.

Maintaining your Marble

So, whether you’re in Edmonton or Vancouver, your marble countertop is sure to set your kitchen or bathrooms apart from the rest. Call Hari Stones today for more info on our selection and pricing.