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Granite is a popular material for surfaces subject to, many and varied impacts, such as kitchen and vanities, steps and floors in ‘high traffic’ areas. Some granite’s have a quite spectacular appearance and is used for their visual impact, such as on facades.  Hari Stones is providing the best granite in Edmonton, Vancouver, Kelowna, Richmond, and the surrounding areas.

Granite is classified as an igneous rock. It is formed when hot magma from the earth’s core cools very slowly and crystallizes. In many cases, granite originates from the underside of continents or pieces of ocean crust that are melted by intense heat. The extreme pressure in the center of the earth compresses the liquid magma, creating a very dense material with minimal pores. These characteristics make granite’s surface tough and almost impenetrable. Granite emerges at the surface of the earth after eons of natural erosion has removed the overlying layers of older rock. Most granite appears where deeply buried rocks are brought to the surface by movements of the earth’s crust. The mineral grains that are formed are large enough to be clearly distinguishable; interlocked like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This is what makes Granite very strong and durable – ideal for building and construction. Although they cost more to install their life cycle cost averages are much lower than other options, given that they theoretically last for centuries with having an immeasurable value. According to an article by Stone World Buyers Guide 2004 the Canadian and U.S Stone consumption exceeds the ceramic tile value for building stone, flooring, countertops, monuments and others. This shows the demand and changing trend in style towards the beauty and elegance of natural stone. Eye-catching and functional, granite is a speckled stone that ranges in color from Absolute Black to Crystal White – and every color in between. The natural color variations result from a mixture of minerals, including common materials found in ceramic or porcelain, like feldspar, quartz and mica. Natural irregularities in the interlocked minerals create a beautiful array of kaleidoscopic patterns.

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Special Considerations

Color variations enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Inspect multiple samples before selection to ensure satisfaction with colors and patterns. Granite is the hardest stone and when measured, it ranges from 8-9 on the MOHS scale only next to diamond with 10 on the MOHS scale, this makes granite scratchproof.

Maintaining your Granite

When you’re looking for granite in Vancouver, Edmonton, Surrey, Richmond, or all over Canada, give Hari Stones Limited a call. We have received high ratings from the Better Business Bureau and each member of our staff is experienced in design. We’ll have what it takes to make your home or business upgrade a success!