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Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Countertops Free of Clutter

One of the most frustrating things when you are cooking at home is when you have to fight through the clutter on your kitchen countertop to get things done. It seems like kitchen countertops are always getting overloaded with items that get in the way when you are trying to cook dinner for your family. If this sound familiar, follow these six tips to organize your kitchen countertops and keep them free from clutter.

1. Hang Your Cooking Utensils

An instant way to clear up space on your kitchen countertop is to remove the crocks you store your cooking utensils in. One of the best alternative storage ideas for cooking utensils is to hang them over your stove. That will keep them right where you need them to provide easy access when you are cooking.

2. Build an Appliance Cabinet

There are certain kitchen appliances that you will always have on your countertop. While you are not likely to get rid of your coffee maker, toaster or stand mixer, you can keep them out of the way by doing a little kitchen remodeling and building a cabinet right around them.

3. Attach a Mail Box to the Side of Your Cabinets

One of the biggest clutter culprits on kitchen countertops is a loose pile of mail. It is very convenient to bring your mail in with you and deposit it right on the countertop, but you don’t need that loose pile of paper taking up valuable space. To fix this issue, you should hang a basket on the side of one of your kitchen cabinets to serve as a mailbox. This allows you to have your mail in a convenient area without taking up countertop space.

4. Add Floating Shelves to the Sides of Kitchen Cabinets

Another smart and easy kitchen remodeling idea is to attach floating shelves to the sides of your kitchen cabinets. This will give you a lot more storage space that you can use to keep things that would otherwise be in the way on your countertops.

5. Hang a Dish Rack over Your Sink

If you are like most people, you probably have a dish rack sitting to the side of your sink on the countertop. That is a big waste of space. To free up some room, you should hang a dish rack on the wall above your sink. Not only will this free up a lot of space, but it also just makes sense. Your dishes will drip dry right over the sink, eliminating the need to clean up the pools up water that collect in a countertop dish rack.

6. Add a Kitchen Island with Open Storage Space

One of the hottest trends in kitchen design right now is to add an island to the kitchen. If you want to get in on this trend,