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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are one of the quickest and easiest ways to give an old kitchen new life. Not only does it offer a lot more counter space to reduce clutter, it also provides another place for food preparation and adds a touch of class to the area. Kitchen islands are often topped with granite, marble or quartz, although when properly sealed. Solid wood can be an attractive alternative. Most people do not choose wood however because it does not stand up to normal wear and tear as well as stone does.

A typical kitchen island is large enough to prepare an entire meal, but small enough to allow plenty of walking space around the area. Some people choose to attach their island to their existing counter, making a sort of extension of the countertop. It really depends on the layout.

One thing is for sure: both granite and quartz surfaces are the superior choice for a beautiful, longer lasting kitchen island. Man made, particle board types lose their attractiveness in very short order due to knife marks, stains and burns. Granite faces none of those problems. Come take a look today at our kitchen islands collection in one of our showrooms located in Vancouver, Edmonton and Kelowna!

Kitchen islands in Edmonton and Vancouver